“I would like to offer the highest professional endorsement for Attorney Brian Wertheim. As an Attorney myself, I understand the value in having someone sit down with you to go through the steps of your case. I was recently represented by him in a Divorce proceeding. He treated me and my case with the utmost care and excellent professionalism. I was impressed that Brian took the time to fully understand my situation and my case. This helped him to then explain to me what the options were to attain my goals. He then diligently worked to facilitate a timely amicable agreement.

I have recommended Brian to friends, family, colleagues and clients due to his unique ability to take the time to understand your unique situation and to effectuate the best possible outcome.”
— Atlanta Attorney

“As a former player in the National Football League, I have had the privilege of being represented by Brian Wertheim, Attorney at Law, for about 30 years. Brian is honest, and has handled my needs with discretion, integrity and intelligence. Brian Wertheim has represented me on several legal matters, including a complex and sensitive family law matter.
As someone who has seen Brian Wertheim in the courtroom, I call him “Brian the Beast.” Brian has a well-earned respect among the Judges and other Attorneys. He explains legal terms in plain English, which has made it a pleasure to be represented by him. I recommend that you hire Brian Wertheim as your Attorney for yourself, and your family and friends.”
— Former NFL Player

“As an Attorney, I know many other Attorneys. When I was in the midst of a very difficult divorce, I had the good fortune to be represented by Brian Wertheim. I needed forceful advocacy, and Brian has a well-earned respect among the Judges and other counsel for just that. But I also needed that advocacy to be done with some nuance, with an eye towards my relationship with my then-wife and children in the years to come. Brian was perfect. As good as my outcome was at the time, it is also the fact that post-litigation, the familial relationships that were at risk have grown and strengthened. A less capable lawyer easily could have burned bridges and permanently damaged those connections. I would recommend Brian Wertheim to anyone looking for an able, informed, and respected advocate for a family law matter.”
— Georgia Attorney