Collaborative Divorce



Collaborative practice is the most effective and least disruptive approach to divorce.

All of my life experiences have helped me work with clients as they go through one of the most difficult and emotional times of their lives, divorce. In my many years of practicing law, I have found that collaborative divorce is a kinder, gentler way to end a marriage.

Collaborative Law is a different way to divorce. In collaborative practice, I work together with other professionals, such as divorce coaches, financial neutrals, and child specialists, to try to help our clients reach a compassionate ending and a healthy new beginning.

Collaborative Law is private. The process, discussion, and negotiation details do not have to be filed in court. In litigation, the divorce dispute becomes a matter of public record, whereas with collaborative divorce, the process is much more private.

Collaborative Law is better for children. Divorce coaches and the child specialist collaborate with the parents to resolve custody issues and develop a parenting plan that is sensible, constructive, and supportive. Collaborative divorce assures that the children are a priority, not a casualty, of the divorce process.

Collaborative Law is more economical and saves you time. Because the divorcing parties do not go to court until a final agreement is reached, the costs are greatly reduced.

Based upon my experience and that of other professionals, we have found that about 90%
of the Collaborative Law Divorce cases settle without litigation.

Please contact me to discuss the advantages of Collaborative Divorce. I look forward to helping you.